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I-35 Credit Auto - Friendly Staff

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From the moment you step on our buy here pay here okc lot until the time you take the key and drive away in your low down payment car, your buying experience with I-35 Credit Auto is our number one priority. We encourage you to use the expertise and resources of our sales staff and our no credit check auto loans; they are here to help you find the right car at the right low down payment. 
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Tech 1 - Head Technician

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Free limited service contract with ever car we finance. Ever had to let a car go back because the dealer would not fix it?

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Sales Team - Sales Manager

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Used car loans is our specialty for folks with bad credit or no credit. We are the best buy here pay here okc!

When it comes to car loans with bad credit, that's ALL we do! People ask for "auto loan bad credit instant approval" click on get approved today. We DO NOT pull credit for auto loans. Sometimes we do car loans with bad credit no money down for strong stability at work and home address and we are 1 of a few dealerships that accept bad credit in OKC because were financing bad credit we DO NOT pull credit.
If you asked for car loans no credit, we finance car loans with no credit and no cosigner because we are a no credit car financing dealership.  We can show you how to get a car with no credit or cosigner and buy a car with no credit and no down payment. When you google no credit car loans near me we show up under that and no credit car dealerships near me with NO Credit Check and no credit bad credit car dealerships near me!
If your looking for car loans after bankruptcy, look no further.  When you ask for one of the best car dealers for bankruptcies near me, we are car dealers who deal with bankruptcies, auto loan with open chapter 7 and car loans for bankrupts! You ask, can I lease or buy a car after chapter 7? Absolutely! With NO CREDIT CHECK @I-35 Credit Auto Sales. Car loan after chapter 13 discharge? NO problem for us! We are the bank. We write our own rules :)  That's why car loan before and after chapter 7 discharge is easy for us. 
Car loans after repo or bad credit and repo need a car you asked about? You could have been a repo 30 minutes ago, we don't care. WE DO NOT pull credit for our car loans. Apply NOW! I35 Credit Auto is on a small list of  car dealerships that work with repos or auto loans for repossessions. We are high risk lenders for auto loans meaning we are 1 of a few car dealerships that accept bad credit and repos and can show you how to refinance auto loan after repossession. SO if you have bad credit and repo and need a car dont for get we are here as  bad credit repo car dealerships @I 35 Credit Auto Sales OKC. If you wonder how long does it take a repossession to show on your credit. All that depends on the lender. We don't care about repos. Apply today!
When your searching for auto loans okc, we know there is are car loans available with allegiance credit union where you can make a payment online or skip a payment and you can with I-35 Credit Auto as well. When you search for weokie auto loan rates, bank of oklahoma used car loan rates or tinker federal credit union auto loan rates you will find that a lot of used car loan rates okc are low and high. We DO NOT pull credit for our auto loans. We say NO CREDIT CHECK so our auto loan rates are higher than average but we approve what they will not. 
YOU would like to know more about auto loans for bad credit or auto loans for people with bad credit? I-35 Credit Auto Sales we specialize as dealerships that accept bad credit. We make our own auto loan bad credit instant approval with NO CREDIT CHECK. There are okc car dealerships like carmax financing bad credit but you wont get low interest auto loans for bad credit, but you can get approved! Car loans with bad credit no money down happen with strong job and residence history @I-35 Credit Auto Salesj.. If you've asked what is the average interest rate for a car loan with bad credit, they range from 9-21%  Price plays a big roll on that as well.

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