A short story about Autotrader OKC

I remember the days when I couldn't wait for the the AutoTrader OKC magazine to come out. Buying 11 spots in the magazine putting them in there and waiting on people to call. I bet if you had an old Auto Trader OKC magazine it might be worth something! Today you Google "Autotrader OKC" or "Used cars for sale OKC" and the world of cars is at your fingertips.  Now you can Google used cars under 1000,  used cars okc under 2000, used suv for sale OKC, used cars OKC under 3000, autotrader okc trucks or used cars OKC under 5000 and wallah, you've got hundreds or thousands to choose from...In our world it's used 300 down car lots, used cars okc, low down payment cars, or used cars okc under 10000. That's where most of our prices land. We carry about 150 units at our. used car dealerships in OKC. About 22% of our inventory is $10,000 to $15,000 and rarely ever goes over $15,000.  So if your in need of a car loans okc and need a place to finance your used cars in OKC, come see us. We participate in not pulling credit for our auto loans okc.  Now there is even an AutoTrader Buy Here Pay Here OKC sight for you to shop by down payment. Amazing how far we've come in 16 years since Autotrader discontinued the magazine and went online only!! Now, it's GOOGLE GOOGLE GOOGLE!